How Do You Approach the Challenge of Creating Brand Awareness?

How Do You Approach the Challenge of Creating Brand Awareness?

In the crowded arena of marketing, creating brand awareness demands innovative tactics and keen insights. We've gathered wisdom from Founders, Directors, and other marketing experts to share their strategies. From amplifying brand values through storytelling to crafting compelling brand narratives for impact, discover nine effective tactics these professionals use to stand out in a competitive industry.

  • Target Audience with Distinct Positioning
  • Differentiate with Humor and Unique Offers
  • Establish Credibility with Thought Leadership
  • Differentiate Through Core Values and Service
  • Bridge Gaps with Storytelling in Branding
  • Engage the Right Influencers Creatively
  • Trust Building with Storytelling and CSR
  • Craft a Compelling Brand Narrative for Impact
  • Amplify Brand Values Through Storytelling

Target Audience with Distinct Positioning

Far too many brands look to create brand awareness through broad efforts. The real way that you gain traction in a competitive industry is to create distinct brand positioning and communicate your position to a target audience that will be most receptive to it. Think of brands like G-Fuel and Liquid Death. They didn't create an energy drink and water product; they created beverage solutions for gamers and the counterculture. To accomplish this, it's critical that you get with experts who can research and identify these target markets, then engage in consumer testing to validate your positioning.

Jason Vaught
Jason VaughtDirector of Content, SmashBrand

Differentiate with Humor and Unique Offers

Finding ways to stand out is difficult when attempting to create brand awareness in a highly competitive industry. The obvious first thing to do is to see what your brand does differently from everyone else. Whether that's product features, different subscription options, or special service offerings, finding that ability to differentiate and then highlighting it helps a brand stand out.

Once you've found that unique offer, sell it hard. Make it bold on your website, focus on your social media, and create a content hub around it. When everyone else has similar products, similar prices, and similar websites, you need to hammer home what makes your brand unique.

But what happens when your service is similar to another brand's, or your products are nearly identical?

You stand out through the use of humor. Brand awareness aims to make consumers recognize you and remember you the next time they're mindlessly shopping for a product. If you can make them laugh, they're more likely to share your brand with their friends and remember how you made them feel compared to your competitors.

The hard part with humor, though, is finding the right tone. Unfortunately, not every brand is funny, and some don't have the time to waste trying out different jokes. If you choose to go down the humor route, start slow, and remain somewhat loyal to your branding. Don't start with a dramatic shift overnight.

When customers laugh, or you notice your brand's jokes entering the cultural zeitgeist, you know you've succeeded.

Garrett Carlson
Garrett CarlsonContent Marketing Manager, The Loop Marketing

Establish Credibility with Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is an effective strategy for building brand awareness and reputation. Good thought leaders are the go-to experts in their field. They are trusted sources who freely share opinions, ideas, and insights that inspire people through social media, speaking opportunities, and PR. The value they offer draws a loyal following of fans, colleagues, customers, and employees who truly believe in what they have to say. Over time, a thought leader's reputation of authority and credibility sets their company above others in the market.

Pam Georgiana
Pam Georgianafreelancer writer/content creator, Pam Georgiana

Differentiate Through Core Values and Service

When tackling this with my branding clients, I always suggest that we take a look at what others in the industry are doing, and then do a massive brainstorm on how we are going to differentiate their brand from everyone else.

We can do this through their core values, how they approach a particular problem, or how they are delivering their products and services. Boldly positioning them to stand out from the crowd in this way helps them become the only option for what they are providing because no one else in the industry can compete with how they are serving their clients.

Megan Gersch
Megan GerschOwner + CEO, Megan Gersch

Bridge Gaps with Storytelling in Branding

When it comes to brand strategy, storytelling bridges the gap between the abstract brand values and the mainstream emotional perceptions of any particular audience for your brand communication. For more insights on using storytelling as your brand communication, refer to this article:

Edward Radonic
Edward RadonicMarketing Strategiest, Radonic+ Travel & Tourism Marketing

Engage the Right Influencers Creatively

For many, it may be an easy jump to influencer marketing in this situation. For me, the true game-changer isn't just collaborating with influencers; it's about engaging with the right ones. Working with influencers who effectively engage with their audience in the communities I'm trying to reach is key. What's equally important is giving these influencers the creative freedom they need.

I've found that allowing them to craft content in their own unique way, content that they know resonates well with their audience, not only enhances authenticity but also significantly boosts engagement. This approach has been a key tactic in cutting through the noise and connecting target audiences through trusted and influential voices.

Noah Wille
Noah WilleInfluencer Marketing Strategist, The Goat Agency

Trust Building with Storytelling and CSR

An effective way of creating brand awareness in this competitive industry is possible by engaging your audience with brand storytelling. If you offer value beyond products, it will build trust in the consumer's mind. Build your visual asset library, and word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to establish trust and familiarity among customers. If someone sees that a friend or family member is recommending a product or service, they'll definitely take notice of that product and/or brand.

Also, do take CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) seriously. Maximize your social media presence and engagement. A social media contest or brand awareness ads can also be an effective way if you have a product to market. Sell a believable story that is in sync with today's day and age, and keep updating your content.

Avadhi Dharia Desai
Avadhi Dharia DesaiManager - Brand & Communication, Naren Kuwadekar And Associates

Craft a Compelling Brand Narrative for Impact

Creating brand awareness in a competitive landscape can be a significant challenge. However, effective marketing and branding strategies can help your brand rise above the noise and capture the attention of your target audience.

Instead of a broad approach, focus on identifying your niche market. Understanding their specific needs and challenges allows you to tailor your messaging for deeper resonance.

Clearly articulate the unique value your brand offers. How do you solve your audience's problems differently than competitors? Highlighting these benefits is key to attracting and retaining customers.

By implementing these strategies and harnessing the power of storytelling, you can effectively increase brand awareness even in a highly competitive market.

Sanchita SinghManager, Brand and Marketing, Mesa School of Business

Amplify Brand Values Through Storytelling

Creating brand awareness in a hyper-competitive field demands a unique blend of authenticity and boldness.

We zero in on the brand's core values and amplify them—making the brand's purpose and personality shine. One effective tactic is to leverage user-generated content. It amplifies engagement and trust at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.

The result? A brand that doesn't just speak but sings to its audience—and they remember the tune.

Casey Jones
Casey JonesFounder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

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