What Are Examples of Successful Brand Partnerships Or Collaborations?

What Are Examples of Successful Brand Partnerships Or Collaborations?

In the dynamic world of marketing, strategic partnerships can be a game-changer for brand visibility. We've gathered insights from Directors of Content and Owners, among others, to share their success stories. From leveraging integrated newsletters to exploring unique FMCG collaborations, discover how these four professionals have elevated their brand profiles through inventive collaborations.

  • Leverage Integrated Newsletters
  • Collaborate with Local Influencers
  • Partner with Fitness Apps and Gear Brands
  • Explore Unique FMCG Collaborations

Leverage Integrated Newsletters

We recently created a brand-collaboration partnership with a CPG analytics provider who contributes to our monthly newsletter. The trade-off is that after publication, they are able to repurpose the content on their own social channels, which brings us a whole list of ideal prospects who now follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter. Integrated newsletters are a great way to strengthen a partnership and grow each other's businesses.

Jason Vaught
Jason VaughtDirector of Content, SmashBrand

Collaborate with Local Influencers

Partnering with digital creators in the Flagstaff area has helped our client, Americana Motor Hotel, elevate its profile on social media platforms!

We recently partnered with an Arizona travel blogger with an audience of 293k on a giveaway, and the results for Americana's page were mind-blowing. Over the five days the giveaway was live, Americana gained 865 followers and got onto the Reel feeds of 63k new audience members from the blogger's following.

If local experts love and recommend the hotel, their followers will likely book a stay or visit—because who doesn't love a well-vetted recommendation? Their collaboration and endorsement help the brand establish itself as an authority in the hotel industry even more.

Chelsea Evans-Flower
Chelsea Evans-FlowerOwner, Scott Social

Partner with Fitness Apps and Gear Brands

As a UESCA-certified running coach leading an online coaching business, I've found that strategic partnerships are pivotal for brand elevation. A notable collaboration was with a popular fitness tracking app, where we integrated our coaching services with their platform. This partnership allowed us to tap into a broader audience who were already invested in improving their running performance, thus extending our brand's reach and reinforcing our reputation as a leader in science-based running coaching.

Another successful collaboration involved teaming up with a well-known athletic wear company to co-create a series of educational webinars and training events. These events combined our expertise in coaching with their advanced gear technology, offering a holistic approach to running education. The synergy between our coaching philosophy and their product innovation created a powerful brand message that resonated with our combined audiences.

Lastly, engaging with local running clubs to offer exclusive coaching sessions and Q&A forums has significantly bolstered our community presence. These grassroots efforts not only humanize our online brand but also demonstrate our commitment to supporting runners of all levels. By showing up where our audience is, we've been able to build authentic relationships and foster a loyal following that sees our brand as a trusted authority in the running world.

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua BartlettRunning Coach, Your Next Run

Explore Unique FMCG Collaborations

Here at Lime, we specialize in delivering sales promotion activation on behalf of FMCG brands, with a big focus on partnerships. Partnerships in the FMCG space can add value and credibility to promotions, and the recent Wrigley Extra promotion we ran included a partnership with a travel partner; Not In The Guidebooks. It's a great example of how brands can expand their reach outside of their traditional channels by exploring more unique collaborations. Partnering with Wrigley Extra gave Not In The Guidebooks the opportunity to promote their extensive wellness offering on a national scale while raising their profile with Extra's Gen-Z audience. For Extra, working with Not In The Guidebooks gave the brand the backing of a credible travel partner, offering these exciting trips for their consumers to win.

Hollie Webster
Hollie WebsterSenior Account Manager, Lime Communications Ltd

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